Xpress Set Up

With Xnum, You Don’t Need to:
  • Change phone system
  • Change existing numbers
  • Spend a lot of time configuring it
  • Be a computer scientist to operate the system


Step 1 – Easy Set Up – We do the Work

  • Consult with your Xnum Xpert at no cost
  • Xnum’s Xpress Set Up Team take care of everything with the set up. You will be ready to access your portal and get regular weekly or monthly update emails

Step 2 – Choose Your Numbers

  • A collection unique numbers are provided.
  • You can choose to have a local phone number from any city you choose. We can get you numbers for Perth, Sydney, Hong Kong, New York or even Moscow!

Step 3 – Advertise with Your Numbers

  • Place each unique number for each one of your marketing channels (e.g. Google Ad words, billboards, newspaper or Facebook)


Step 4 – Xnum Works For You

  • Xnum records and tracks every call that comes through
  • Access this information (the number of calls, their duration and their recordings) from the portal or the regular email reports.

Step 5 – Examine Your Data

  • Receive a daily or monthly reports in your email or access your personalised Xnum portal at any time.
  • Access recordings online or through the portal and download them as needed.

Step 6 – Streamline Your Marketing

  • Use this information to streamline your marketing
  • Xnum Xpert can help you interpret the data for no extra charge
  • Need a hand customizing your marketing plan? Xnum Xecutives can help combine Xnum results with their experience to increase your returns.
  • See our Case Studies to see how we helped other clients.


Find out more about why you should use Xnum Xponential Growth or have one of our Xnum Xperts contact you personally Book a Demo to discuss your business.