Xponential Growth

The Xnum Call Tracking Solution can accelerate business growth and marketing effectiveness. It represents unbeatable value and will help optimise and professionalise your business.


With Xnum You’ll have the ability to:
  • Quickly and easily calculate your Return on Investment (ROI)
  • Track & Record Incoming Sales Calls
  • Use Xnum’s Easy Search feature to find data and recordings that fit certain criteria
  • Integrate call data with Google Analytics
  • Access & Export Daily Reports
  • Track Offline & Online Media Sources
  • Record Custom Call Answer & Announcement Messages
  • Enjoy Speedy Access from Local Australian Server
  • Support an Independent Australian Telecommunications Operator & Service Provider
  • Use Call Recording & Playback for Sales Coaching & Mentorin
  • Control Your Expenditure with our Pre-paid billing system
As a result you will be able to:
  • Increase your sales and conversion rates
  • Identify your best (& under-performing) Marketing Sources
  • Train your staff using actual recordings specific to your business
  • Improve your Marketing Outcomes & Performance
  • Streamline your marketing budget
  • Identify New Marketing Opportunities
  • Improve Your Customer Service
  • Take Control of Your Business
  • Gain Peace of Mind
  • Professionalise Your Business
  • Accurately measuring the results of your marketing channels empowers your business for success.


1. Measure the Success of Your Marketing

Do you really know what effective marketing costs? You may be surprised just how little it could be and the Xnum Call Tracking Solution can tell you. It begins by providing you with a collection of unique local numbers from any city you choose (we can provide local numbers from everywhere including Perth, Sydney or even Hong Kong!)
Let’s say you are advertising in the newspaper, a billboard and Google adverts. You then publish a different number with a different marketing channel and record the incoming calls. Quite quickly you will see the impact of each channel. If, for example, you find that the newspaper has very little response, you can confidently reduce your spend in this area or divert it into a more successful channel such as Google adverts.
In one of our Case Studies, you can see how a client used this system to cut their marketing spend by $2,500 a month and raise revenue by 6%. Using Xnum, you can quickly and easily calculate your return on investment (ROI) as often as you like, allowing you to maximise the bang for your buck.

2. Record & Track Sales Calls

Many businesses can advertise effectively but struggle to identify where they fail to convert calls into sales. The Xnum Call Tracking Solution allows you to record and track sales calls. This allows you to learn solid, qualitative data about your calls. You can access all recordings through Xnum’s Easy Search feature, have links emailed to you and even download them for training or quality control purposes.
One of our clients Case Studies wanted to examine their calls as an avenue to improve their sales. By using this feature, they found out that staff were being rude to callers, treating them as annoyances and failing to ask for basic contact details. Whilst this was an unpleasant surprise, the business was able to use training and quality control, including the Xnum Call Tracking Solution, to better his staff and the overall sales.

3. Streamline Your Marketing Budget

Your marketing budget needs to work hard to keep your business thriving. To make sure it is doing its job, its effectiveness needs to be monitored, refined and improved. From your advert and your call to action to your first call from a potential client, to your customer service and delivery, there are many areas you can gain or lose customer loyalty.
The Xnum Call Tracking Solution is designed to help you every step of this process. With our system we can identify your best options for advertising, your strengths and weaknesses in converting enquiries to sales, your customer service, even your returning customers. This allows you to streamline your marketing budget and invest in new areas of development. Whether this be training, writing better adverts, developing staff or customer loyalty programs. Our helpful and well-trained staff are able to teach you how the Xnum Call Tracking Solution can work to streamline your marketing budget.

4. Develop & Grow Your Staff

Hiring and developing staff is a complex area for all businesses to tackle. One of our clients Case Studies found that whilst his staff were polite to customers when he was around they were not as professional when he was out of the office. Another found his staff were not even answering calls. The Xnum Call Tracking Solution offers accountability in the recorded and tracked calls as well as a platform for training and monitoring. Both clients saw a substantial increase in sales and performance and continue to do so with this feature.

5. Identify New Marketing Opportunities

Finding the next strategy, tactic or platform to grow your business is crucial. The Xnum Call Tracking Solution is an evidence-based tracking tool that can help businesses identify new areas of growth with much less risk.
Not sure if Facebook marketing will work for your business? Use a small amount of your marketing budget and utilise the Xnum Call Tracking Solution to monitor the response and the quality of the leads you obtain. This way, with very little taken away from your existing success, you have either discovered or ruled out a future opportunity. By using the many different features available to you through the Xnum Call Tracking Solution, you can navigate any new strategy or opportunities that arise with confidence.
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