Case Studies


Case 1: When You Need to Figure Out What’s Failing Before It’s Too Late

Image Dental were trying to figure out why they weren’t finding new business despite numerous adverts and marketing activities.

Before using Xnum, Image Dental couldn’t account for the slow trickle of customers. Through the amount of money and time invested in marketing activities, they should have been seeing quite a steady amount of traffic.

Firstly, by using Xnum’s number tracking feature Image Dental was able to identify that only one advertising platform was giving a significant amount of leads and return on investment (ROI) meaning that their money was essentially being washed down the drain. They also established that a flyer campaign was completely ineffective (resulting in close to zero leads) which saved thousands in future outlay. Finally, the most incredible discovery was that calls were being handled so ineffectively that they were costing the business two thirds in turnover from unanswered and mishandled calls. From this, the business owner was able to correctly train and monitor staff.

This case study illustrates how Xnum can help with the diagnostics of most problems businesses face. It allows you, whatever your position, to identify what isn’t working and apply a targeted, evidence-based solution – even when there are a number of issues at play.

Case 2: When You Need to Identify Unknown Problems

ABC Solar* were happy with their overall marketing performance but thought it would be useful to track and record calls using the recording feature built into Xnum to further improve their marketing strategy.

Before using Xnum, the Sales Manager thought his staff were courteous and effective. By using Xnum’s call record feature and accessing it in the Xnum portal, he was able to listen to how calls were handled by his staff. He was appalled to discover that not only did staff routinely fail to note caller contact details for better leads, but that they were often rude to callers. In fact, they went so far to treat customers as an annoyance to hurry through as quickly as possible rather than as valued potential leads or customers.

ABC Solar’s* Sales Manager had been previously unaware that this was the way staff behaved. When he was present, staff would behave politely and provide effective customer service. With this information, the business owner was able to initiate training protocols, apply an accountability measure for staff and steadily improve this aspect of his marketing strategy. With calls now handled professionally, ABC Solar* has enjoyed an increase in marketing success and an improvement on lead conversion.

*Not their real name

Case 3: When You Need Solid and Refined Data

Axito, a business consultancy, wanted a new level of data in relation to their customer reporting and marketing. They were using Xnum for both their own business and as Xnum Xecutives for their clientele.

Before using Xnum, Axito was confident in their abilities and services but lacked the data that Xnum provides to specifically point to what was working and what they could improve.

Through using Xnum’s number tracking feature, Axito identified that Yellow Pages advertising was delivering zero new leads for their own business. Previously, they knew that this platform was doing well with click-through which was mistakenly giving the impression of success. Through cancelling this service they saved $600 (not including future outlay). Conversely they were able to improve converting leads and improve customer loyalty and retention. To their consulting clients, they were able to use Xnum in the same way to boost sales, streamline lead conversion and provide confidence in the advice by using evidence.

The main difference is that Axito can now look at their overall marketing and customer retention strategy with more “detail and clarity”, they can rely on their abilities and results confidently and provide evidence-based, insightful advice to clientele.

Case 4: When Your Marketing Budget Needs Streamlining

ABC Security* faced a challenge familiar to small businesses. They believed they weren’t getting the best value for their marketing budget. On the other hand, they knew that any downturn in business would be disastrous. How would they maximise their current budget while not risking their marketing impact?

Before using Xnum, ABC Security* had no tangible way of confirming what marketing platforms were working and why. With Xnum they monitored the quantity and quality of leads from a number of marketing platforms. They quickly found that both Community Newspapers and Google were the most effective and provided the best return on investment (ROI). However, they found Yellow Pages and their catalogue distribution were performing so poorly, they simply couldn’t justify their spending.

Armed with this information and continuing to monitor their marketing activities with Xnum, they transferred $2,000 from the ineffective lead source to Google and Community Newspapers. Not only did they reduce their marketing spend by $2,500 per month, they also grew their revenue by over 6%.

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Whilst most marketing research systems would charge thousands for this kind of result, Xnum is cost effective and easy to run. If you want to find out more about how Xnum can help you, contact us or Book a Demo to find out more.

*Not their real name

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